my son’s first surgery took place in March. Since the very first moments after the surgery, we were impressed by the result which overpassed our expectations. The combination of surgery and intensive cycles of rehabilitation lead to an excelled result. Thanks to this surgery my son improved both from a motory point of view and  limb control.

We’re waiting to repeat it shortly.

3 y.o. patient affected by cerebral palsy.

Thanks Dr Repetunov!


Dear all,

I’m the mother of 6 year old boy affected by spastic asymmetric diCiao a tutti, sono la mamma di un bimbo di 6 anni con una diagnosi di diplegia spastica a diplegia who went through the progressive fibrotomy by Dr Repetunov in December 2013.

Naerly 1 and half year has passed and we are very satisfied: his right foot that was equine is now can touch the ground and he has been improving a lot his functional performances. I came to know about this surgery navigating on web forums, professionals who are following my son didn’t know about the existence of this technique.

Every witness was crucial for me, this is why I invite you all to report your experiences, even the bad ones.


I’m the mum of a 6 year old kid affected by spastic diplegia. Our son had the surgery in July 2015 and the results are excellent: now his heels can touch the ground and his legs can be opened wide.We’re waiting for our rehabilitation doctor to evaluate the results from a more professional point of view. We discovered the technique thanks to word of mouth among parents. We’re very cautious by nature and it took to us about 2 years to decide to go for the surgery. Our tip is to get informed and participate to conferences, then attend a medical examination and decide. The surgeon and his staff are very nice.


Hi,I am the father of a 17 year old girl, affected by spastic diplegia. She went through the surgery in June 2015. Myself and my wife got into the techquique while navigating in the web and brought our daughter to a medical evaluation in Legnano (MI) in November 2014. It was a very hard decision to be taken, that our girl took even earlier than us. She was able to walk autonomously before the surgery, but hoping to gain some extra improvement. From the very first moments after the surgery it was clear that she was freer in moving (even active moments). She was enthusiastic even in the 15 days when standing was forbidden. She was afraid of standing up… at first she had some muscular pains but in a few days everything got better and it has been improving. She did not went throught any intensive cycle of rehabilitation, as she’d done before. She does stretching and exercises. She gained more stability, flexibility, improved her posture and freedom in moving. Now hel heel touches the ground, walks barefoot at home as she likes the perception she feels. Presently we are all very satisfied. We hope she can keep on improving in the future. Thanks Dr. Repetunov.

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Hi all,We’re very happy with the results reached by our son Alessandro after the fibrotomy surgery. But we are ever happier knowing that the skeptical ones changed their mind recommending a medical evaluation by Dr Repetunov