Progressive Fibrotomy: Dr Ulzibat’s technique

Progressive Fibrotomy (Russian patent nr. 1621901) is a functional microsurgical method invented by Dr Ulzibat, based on the elimination of local muscular contractures (at fascial and fiber level) and myofascial pain syndromes preventing or hindering the physiological movement of joint function.

In pathologies whose outcome is spasticity or hypertonia, and in case of cerebral palsy in particular, muscles tend to get too short as bones grow. This provokes a reduction in motion activity leading to muscular fibrosis.

The surgery is realized percutaneously by using a purpose designed scalpel (Russian patent ºnr.1560143). It is introduced through the skin under maximum muscular tension. This allows it to cut only the tight and rigid structures and all elastic fibers to slip over.

There are no incisions that must be closed but only punctures that don’t need suture, no muscle resections or muscle transposition, no bone or tendon incision.

Generally it is carried out under inhalation general anesthesia.

No post-op immobilization is required, making patient’s recovery easier and shorter.



  •    Acute diseases or chronic diseases in acuting phase, severe degenerative situations.
  •    Uncontrolled severe epileptic syndromes
  •    Severe hemorrhage- related patologies.