A brief history:

Valeri Borisovich Ulzibat is the name of the Russian surgeon, born in 1946 and suddenly died in 2004, who invented the progressive fibrotomy.

In 1985, while trying to offer some pain relief to a relative, he begins carrying out some researches and surgical tests which lead to the birth of progressive fibrotomy.

V.B. Ulzibat designs and makes patented some purpose-designed instrumentations.

In 1990 Russian Health Ministry validates the treatment for muscular or myofascial pain syndromes.

In 1992 a Tula (Russia), the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology is founded. Here surgeons, neurologists and specialized nurses are trained.

In 1998 V.B. Ulzibat is granted with the title of emeritus researcher by the Russian Federation and in 1999 with the one of Professor.

165 the scientific articles and 8 the thesis proofing the method scientific validity.