Turkmenistan’s media, like the Ruhnama, constantly portray women in stereotypical roles. A typical program on Turkmen television features conventional singing and dancing in praise of the president. These programs almost exclusively function ethnic Turkmen, and the women and girls appearing in them all the time gown in traditional Turkmen garb. Turkmen tv turkmenistan womens nearly never shows Turkmen women in roles that contradict traditional Turkmen virtues, and there are no programs that problem the federal government’s policies referring to women’s human rights. The State Party report does not establish any authorities mechanisms that tackle discrimination towards women.

With the event of the Turkmenistan monetary system by way of the Soviet interval, many non-Turkmen skilled staff and scientific and technical intelligentsia immigrated to metropolis areas of the republic, although many have left since independence. Roughly half of the inhabitants of Turkmenistan lives in rural settlements and villages. The government supplied subsidies and pensions for individuals with disabilities in addition to housing, free properly being care, and tax-exempt status. The authorities constructed or was developing comprehensive educational and therapy amenities for youngsters with disabilities in all five provinces of the nation. The legislation prohibits domestic violence, together with spousal abuse, through provisions within the legal code that tackle intentional infliction of hurt. Penalties range from fines to fifteen years in jail, primarily based mostly on the extent of the hurt, although enforcement of the regulation numerous. Anecdotal stories indicated house violence towards women was frequent; most victims of home violence saved silent as a result of they have been unaware of their rights or feared elevated violence from husbands and family members.

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Massive authorities cuts within the health care and schooling sectors have left 1000’s of women jobless. As unemployment nears 70 p.c and 31 percent of the population continues to stay below the poverty stage, women struggle to supply for themselves and their households. Interviewees for this report had not heard of a welfare system, and the president’s cuts to the pension system have positioned an additional burden on elderly women. Prostitution is reported to be on the rise, and deteriorating social, economic and political conditions make women more and more prone to trafficking.

This strongly suggests that the Women’s Union, like many other organizations claimed to be nongovernmental, is tied to the federal government and is unlikely to offer independent evaluation or advocacy on behalf of women. The southernmost republic of the previous Soviet Union, Turkmenistan is characterized at present by a presidential personality cult, disregard for the rule of law, and widespread human rights violations. The previous decade has seen a sharp decline in civil and political rights, but criticism contained in the country is voiced in faint whispers for fear of harsh authorities retaliation.

The one civil society entity that the federal government cites as dedicated to selling women’s rights in Turkmenistan is the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan. The full name of this organization, the Women’s Union of Turkmenistan-Gurbansultan-Eje displays the organization’s inherent bias.

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Exercise of free speech is met with extreme repercussions, ranging from harassment from the police to imprisonment, torture, or exile. Moreover, there may be little to no education to inform individuals of their rights under home or worldwide law. Freedom of meeting is also severely restricted, making it very difficult for ladies – or any group of people – to engage in the typical activities of civil society. In addition, the federal government restricts movement each inside Turkmenistan, which inhibits the flexibility of ladies to bring problems with discrimination to the eye of the federal government or worldwide neighborhood.

There had been no stories the federal government discouraged residents from contacting different worldwide organizations. Even in instances the place an individual is discovered responsible and imprisoned for home violence, he may be able to decrease his sentence by paying a bribe.


The government doesn’t maintain statistics on violence towards women, however it’s reported to be prevalent throughout the nation. None of the interviewees for this report knew of packages to tell victims of violence against women of their rights, offer them security or shelter, help them in court, or assist them address trauma.

One in three women skilled physical or sexual violence from a partner in their lifetime. It was a matter of concern that authorities agencies had been driving a language change around home violence in the direction of the idea of “family harm”, which diminished the severity of the issue and masked the gendered nature of domestic violence. Also of concern was structural discrimination towards migrant and refugee women in domestic violence responses, whereas pressured and underage marriages continued to occur in the country, regardless of the Committee’s recommendations to New Zealand to intervene. It’s inconceivable to tell if anyone is genuinely enthusiastic; my assumption as an outsider is that the one true enthusiasts in any totalitarian society are these folks benefiting immediately from it. Its president, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow, pointers the nation with an absurd cult of personality. His image—portraits along with multimedia depictions of him exercising, driving horses, racing automobiles and even DJ-ing—is omnipresent. The inhabitants is distributed inconsistently courting turkmenistan women, with few folks within the Karakum Desert and mountain regions but giant numbers throughout the oases.

No insurance policies had been taken to vary conventional attitudes and modify social and cultural patterns. Marital rape was not penalized, while in case of incest, the law seen each events to the sexual act as responsible without bearing in mind energy relations and male domination inside the family. Abortion was criminalized and girls could be sentenced to three to six years’ imprisonment for having an abortion, even in the case of rape. The Committee ought to urge the Government to adopt the draft penal legislation of 2011 and the household protection regulation. Shakti Community Council stated that New Zealand had the very best fee of home violence within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, but 76 per cent of incidents were not reported to the police.

Many of the interviewees knew at least one woman in Turkmenistan who was raped, but none could point to any instances by which a victim reported the rape to authorities. They defined that distrust of authorities and lack of faith in authorities processes could prevent women from reporting rape. Cultural stigmas, in fact, play a major position in determining whether a lady reviews abuse or rape to her family or to the authorities. However, this should not function an excuse for the government’s failure to address violence in opposition to women. If the federal government took a robust stance towards discrimination and gender-motivated violence and guaranteed a primary degree of safety, women may not really feel so hesitant to go to the authorities for help. NGO’s Forum to Combat Violence towards Women (Al-Muntada) mentioned that violence against women in the Palestinian society reflected the result of imbalance in power relationships between women and men. The State of Palestine had failed to introduce an integrated legal system that could scale back gender-based mostly discrimination to eliminate all violence towards women and women.

When it involves their physics, it could hardly be described as an athletic one. Turkmen women aren’t really into sports, however they’ve naturally stunning our bodies with breathtaking hips and smooth skin. Turkmen wedding ceremony dresses are often richly decorated and covered in silver-colored pendants that are believed to drive away evil spirits. Article 25 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan requires mutual consent for marriage. Arranged youngster marriages are common, sometimes between members of the same tribe.

Travel throughout the country typically requires special documentation and navigating police checkpoints, and residents have been required to acquire exit visas to be able to journey overseas till 2004. The authorities maintains that it has launched a “giant-scale informational campaign” to create conditions for equality between men and women” and that it addresses “gender origins within the life of society” in seminars and conferences on the rights of girls. The report additionally fails to offer detailed info relating to the “large-scale informational marketing campaign” to teach people about gender equality. Of the women interviewed for this report, none have been conscious of public conferences or seminars on women’s rights, and none had ever seen government publications on worldwide acts in regards to the rights of ladies. Without particular proof of such efforts, it is inconceivable to assess the government’s commitment to addressing discrimination towards women. Women continued to be financially penalized throughout their lives, in employment, superannuation and welfare law, and a persistent gender pay hole.

The president’s policy of granting amnesty to criminals each year on the vacation of “Night of Omnipotence” , mentioned in paragraph 46 of the federal government report, adds to the final mistrust of the felony justice system. Once a woman is married, this can be very unlikely that she’s going to have the ability to pursue larger training because she is expected to stay house and take care of her husband and in-legal guidelines. Single moms particularly need elevated entry to and sponsorship of higher training. Due to the country’s poor economic state of affairs and widespread drug use, many ladies find themselves as the only real suppliers for the household. Without help from the government, they’ve little or no opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.